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Help for low income families, CHRISTMAS HELP: I really need help I have recently gained custody of 4 teenagers

sviehauser started this conversation
I really need help I have recently gained custody of 4 teenagers who have never really had a Christmas plus three of my own I get no help from the county so making a meal big enough for the whole household is sometimes very difficult not to mention the household supplies like shampoo laundry soap dish soap stuff like that I'm not looking for a handout just send me in the rite direction
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sviehauser   in reply to suzybell
Thank you it just warms my heart knowing I can give them a safe place to call home and for them to know they have people out in this world that do care and love them through all this.
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sviehauser   in reply to suzybell
Thank you so much I will try some of my local churches it's so hard they don't understand just because they aren't little ones they deserve a nice Christmas as well. These kids come from drug parents, parents of abuse and neglect, or simply have no where to go. I am a very compassionate person and feel children need a fair start in life and struggling as a teenager isn't fair. Thank you so much for the advice and listening it helps
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Good morning...saw your post and just wanted to say what you are doing is a great thing for the kids you brought into your home. Have you tried all your local churches. In Maryland churches do secret santa work but also a lot of times are given gift cards to hand out to those in need. Also if the kids are in school go to the school and connect with the counselors and people pupil representatives. these are people who work at the schools with children who are displaced or living on there own or with other families. You can also try your local social services. Try your local food pantry they also do work with secret santa's sometimes. No matter what know what you are doing is a great thing. I believe somehow God will bless you with the needs you have from helping these kids.
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MommyInNeed4TheHolidays   in reply to chester4121
I completely understand...I've had some messages & emails sent to me that start off sweet & generous like they want to help which then leads to asking me what is needed followed by can u send me some pics in a bikini..ughh I understand there ARE good people in this world but that just hurt to see that email I literally just received. So yes again, I really appreciate u talking the time to respond back to me and also being cautious and I have no problem whatsoever speaking with you on the phone first. It is very generous & kind of you & your wife to do a good deed and I couldn't possibly thank you enough whether your able to help or not. I am just thankful that you took the time to read my post & respond back to me..I've always paid it forward and I will hopefully be back on my feet again very soon! I am a fighter and have a good heart and my son reminds me of myself in every way possible! God bless you and yours!

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Dj sha   in reply to chester4121
You realy should edit your post you posted your phone number and the whole world can see it
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chester4121   in reply to MommyInNeed4TheHolidays
Hi Ashley, I will try and contact you tomorrow.


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MommyInNeed4TheHolidays   in reply to chester4121
That is SO extremely thoughtful of you..He is really one of the easiest kids to buy for..he's really into lego's now and I've been wanting to get him more advanced learning toys/games..he's SO smart & very hands on with building type projects/crafts.. and extremely advanced for a 5yr old. He would LOVE anything of that sort. Anything would help and would make us extremely grateful :-)
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chester4121   in reply to MommyInNeed4TheHolidays
Hi, what would your son like for Christmas. My wife and I might be able to help.
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MommyInNeed4TheHolidays   in reply to GiftedOne
Hello, I am in dire need of Christmas gifts/holiday help for my 5yr old son..anything would help SO much.

God bless ♡
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I just sent you a one-on-one message.
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